Unexpected weekend plans


The weekend started as planned, doing my workout, having a great breakfast at the balcony and getting dressed for Bagatelle for a great Saturday at this amazing beach club.

My friend Eric who is manager for all the Bagatelle clubs worldwide, invited us for lunch at the St Tropez beach club on Saturday. The location is great, always fully booked because of the fantastic music and the fresh sea food mixed with the party atmosphere.
For lunch we had mixed appetizers, king crab salad, lobster salad, scallop and truffle carpaccio as well as beef carpaccio.
The music was already that good that there was not much time to eat, we rather danced to the vibe of the music.
The mix of people was an entertaining sight to see, fashion, beauty and the occasional bachelor party, it was all there! We had a little party of our own, later joined by the owner of the club Aymeric and the manager Eric. Funny moment: I met a woman with (in my opinion) a great sense of style…;))))))
We left around 20h to go back to the hotel and to prepare for dinner at the L’Opera but some things you can not really plan.
We went for a late night stroll in the harbour when I spotted the ice cream store. Unfortunately with that ice-cream cone the evening ended…
The treat was delicious but afterwards I started to feel sick and went directly back to the hotel. ( – yes, it was not only in my head, my assistant was having the same). we had no other option then to stay in bed the next day…
But we made the best out of it, ordered room service, put on a funny movie and watched the soccer final out of bed.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-11 um 11.37.21
Not completely recovered today, so we will make a pool day out of it… hoping for a complete recovery by tomorrow. Stay tuned.