St Tropez Travel Diary


Hey everybody!

The coming week I will give you an inside view of my St Tropez travel diary.

We are going to spend a week here in France, doing business but of course we will find time to truly enjoy the great weather, the fabulous food and some of the nicest spots.
Work hard, play hard ;-)!

I hope you will enjoy my photo diary!!!

Our arrival yesterday…

We kept an early flight and arrived during early noon in our stunning hotel. The fastest way to go from Nice to St Tropez is of course the heli. I am always so excited to fly with such a little machine but you do have the best view and instead of a 3 hour ride by taxi it was done in 30 min.

If possible I always try to get a room in the Byblos Hotel, it is by far my most favorite hotel here. The rooms are amazing and we do also have a balcony to already start the day during breakfast in the sun.

Right after arrival we just dropped of our luggage, got changed for the great weather and we hit the beach and went to the Club 55 for a very late lunch. As it is bikini season, I ate a huge salad and a huge plate of mussels.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-06 um 12.37.32

Afterwards we found some day beds for us to relax a bit from the journey. I already spotted a nice beachwear shop and I am pretty sure, I will find an hour in the next days to “just have a quick look“…

This place is anyway always a good spot. Just while leaving again, I ran into Nastassja Kinski and her Ilja who also spend a few days here in St. Tropez.
Time flies here , So it was time for a shower und getting dresses for dinner.
Everything starts a bit later here so the reservation was for 22h.

We went to a nice restaurant near our hotel, Brasserie des Arts. We had so much fun, just laughing, chatting and eating while listening to the great music.

The menu has everything from Sushi to Pizza and Pasta so everybody will find something. I decided on a king crab salad as a starter and ceviche and tuna tartare for the main course.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-06 um 12.40.57

After dinner we decided to take a walk through the city, watching the port, exploring the bars and restaurants for the next days and took a last drink in on the garden terrace of the Le Tigrr before going to bed.
 Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-06 um 12.50.19

And now I will start the next day… Sport is already done… More to come tomorrow!

X Sylvie