Spa Day

Sometimes I just need a short break of my hectic lifestyle, to leave it all behind me, even if its just for 48 hours… therefor I decided to go to one of my favorite hideaways, taking my beloved friend Andre.
Near Hamburg is one of the best and cutest spa hotels I know about, the Weissenhaus Spa Resort. It was just a 1,5 hour drive and I got into a totally peaceful and relaxed little world.
The main house of the resort is an incredible manor and I had a great suite with such a romantic view to the fall colored trees. We we’re lucky with the weather anyways…what a gorgeous autumn day it was!!
We decided to take a walk to the beach which was just 10min away from my room. The fresh air, the sea, the sun… everything made me feel so grateful, that I could enjoy this amazing place and some hours without work.
After having lunch in the restaurant near the beach, with a great view to the eastern sea, I decided to have a massage in the spa. Totally relaxed we later went for a dip in the pool.
Super satisfied after a full day of pampering, I fell asleep immediately. As I needed to go back to Hamburg already the next morning, I decided to come back to this stunning place as soon as possible!!
X Sylvie