Pool Day


Hi everybody!

Yesterday I decided to quit sport in the morning. I did not feel like it, but we started the day with a healthy breakfast to get our energy back.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-12 um 11.27.21
As I had a recovering day yesterday, I decided to stay at the hotel and have a relaxing pool day.
It wasn’t as busy at the pool but I enjoyed my time to rest and enjoy the sun while hearing my music.
The water in the pool was fantastic. A nice temperature and exactly what I needed to relax and getting well again.
But as it was of course a Monday, I also had to do some calls and emails to make sure that everything in my company was going on as planned. My office can be everywhere in this world, always in my hand- or beach bag ;).
We left the pool around 18h. I wanted to do my EMS workout as I felt much better. But I just did the easy workout ;)))) Love having my Easy Motion Skin always with me on all my travels to make sure that I stay in tiptop shape.
Afterwards I started the preparation for the evening. I did not want to stay at the hotel on my last evening in St Tropez.
So I putted on my little black dress and was ready for the restaurant, La Brasserie is right next to the charming square where the people play pétanque. But I think it was not the right dress for a round of pétanque yesterday ;)
So we went to the restaurant for dinner. At some point you are starting to feel like home… So like on my couch, I started to make it comfi, „ordering Sylvie style”.
I decided to treat myself a bit so we had a huge california roll and a truffle pizza. Soooo delicious, although again our eyes were bigger as our stomachs so we didn’t finish it all!!
Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-12 um 11.31.06
We left early as I had to pack my suitcase for leaving beautiful St Tropez today.
St Tropez, see you again next summer. It was a great business trip with a lot of inspiring meetings and people.
Most times ;) fantastic food, amazing weather and a perfect atmosphere.
Also a big THANK YOU for the great staff in hotel Byblos, who made this stay amazingly comfortable!!