Never Stop


Another day in the sun….

I woke up quite early, so I had the chance to be in the gym before everybody else and had the place for myself.
I always hear my most favorite music to motivate myself giving my best during the workout. At the moment my absolute favorites are “cheap thrilles” and “can’t stop the feeling”. They keep me running :-))))


Like each morning, my assistant is placing the laptop in front of me before even finishing the breakfast. “Done is done” she always says….
So I do. Writing the blog for the day, checking the current media as well as the images that were made, having some business calls, emails etc…

Right after, we packed our bags to go to the beach again. As I always say, protect your skin! I can not have enough sun blocker with me.

Yesterday we had a lunch meeting at the Club 55 (yes, everyday the same – it is absolutely the place to be) to discuss a few ideas and cooperations.
The weather here is so great that of course I needed a short cool of in the sea afterwards.
After a short relaxation we already left again to the hotel as we had some conference calls to make before the big football game started…

I can assure you, it is not that much fun being surrounded by french football fans when you cheer for Die Mannschaft. YOU DID GREAT GUYS!

So dinner started very late as we had to watch the game until the end in the hotel bar. We went to La Brasserie again as it is right around the corner of the hotel. Music was already playing loud and before arriving at our table we just danced a bit. Unfortunately a waiter dropped a coke over my white evening outfit. No minute later I was very surprised about the nice apology touch the restaurant made me…

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-08 um 13.48.13

It was a funny night even when it was sad for Germany not to win this game. But hey, Netherlands did not even play ;-P

More to come…. Can’t wait….

X Sylvie