2nd day in France


Where ever I have been in this world, my working routine always starts with my sport program. Also yesterday my first walk was into the gym. 30 min cardio, abs and lifting weights and squats are my everyday program!

After my workout we had breakfast on the balcony before starting with the emails.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-07 um 12.10.31

After planning the next appointments, answering some interviews and making some calls, we drove again to Club 55.
We met the BILD at the beach for an summer interview and did some beach images, which are published in today’s issue.


For Lunch, I had grilled prawns and a mixed salad. I love this place for summer, they have always great live bands playing fantastic music and very glamorous, fashionable people are around who are seizing the atmosphere and food. Its always fun to see a famous face at the table next to you, for example, Bono was having lunch also at 55..


After a few more shots at the beach, we went back to the hotel preparing for our dinner meeting.

We walked to an asian restaurant named Le TIGrr with an amazing bohemian terrace and great food.
I hope the moment when I do not want to eat prawns and scampi anymore will never come. For me the perfect food for a healthy diet.


Today is fully packed, therefore I went to bed earlier yesterday.

Wishing all of you a great day! More to come tomorrow…
X Sylvie